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Fault inspection of some mobile phone chargers

Estar Industrial Group Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jan 20, 2017

1, After receiving a rechargeable battery and power on, power indicator light and the test light is on while charging and full of light is not on, no voltage output, not to charge the battery.

Analysis of maintenance: this failure is the result of charger switching oscillation circuit is not working. In the actual repair process, VT2 found the switches and resistors R6 damaged the most. Under normal circumstances, e battery charging circuit voltage is low, the probability of damage is not very big, or T1 switch transformer secondary circuit after the damage probability is not very big.

2, Rechargeable batteries and power supply on, the status indicators appear normal, but is fully into electricity or charge a long time.

Analysis and repair this fault was transistor VT3 (8550) damage after normal pipesreplaced, you can troubleshoot. VT3 if transistor, capacitor C3 table test (100 ╬╝lF/16V) voltage, normal in the DC-8. 5V. If the voltage is normal, check resistor R7 or integrated circuit IC1, integrated IC1 pin function parameter as shown in the schedule. If the voltage is low, then again switch transformer T1 secondary output voltage, normal in the Exchange 5. 5V. If voltage is normal, indicating capacitor C3 or rectifier diode VD3 damaged; if the voltage is low, you should check before switching transformer T1 and various components.

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