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Misunderstanding of purchasing power--the more expensive, the better

Estar Industrial Group Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jan 20, 2017

When it comes to low price mobile power products is not worth buying, so does that mean that the quality, the better the price? Mobile power products on the market today the price difference is very large, dozens of cheap, cost hundreds of thousands of Yuan. Mobile power supply costs and not as high as we wanted to, mainly includes three parts: batteries, circuit boards and enclosures, in General, use a18650 battery mobile power production cost is lower than that of the polymer battery mobile power. And the price range, the author here can give a reference to 10000mAH 18650 battery mobile power supplies typically cost between 100 and 130Yuan, and polymer battery mobile power supplies typically cost between 150 and200 Yuan. Of course, some outstanding design, or collection features mobile power, prices are more expensive. If it is coupled with the brand, the price is several times higher in short, measuring the quality of a mobile power supply, from chargingperformance, durability, safety, efficiency, appearance and so on comprehensive considerations, price is only one of a reference standard, cannot fully determine quality.

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