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Mobile power supply internal introduction

Estar Industrial Group Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jan 20, 2017

Interior is divided into four categories: three-in-one traditional division, software, hardware, triple triple synchronous rectification, synchronous rectification, software.

Traditional separation of MCU, charger, DC-DC converter efficiency, 1A 88% apart,the advantage is already widely accepted by the market. 2A output is the most serious problem cases, the efficiency is low (around 83%), PCB fever is very serious.

Software is three-in-one MCU and external MOS, synchronous rectification, 1A efficiency about 91%.

Hardware three-in-one is the hardware, the software cannot be modified. 1 a efficiency 86%. Problem is, non-synchronous rectifier, low efficiency, at 2A output feverserious.

Synchronous rectifier efficiency up to 1A 93%,2A efficiency of up to 88%. The biggest advantage is that small size, low fever. Disadvantage is that synchronous rectification DC-DC converter chip prices were too high.

Triple synchronous rectification software, the efficiency of up to 95%,2A up to 90%1 a, charge/discharge efficiency can be achieved without heat, good performanceand low cost. Disadvantage is the need for strong software + hardware design.

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