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Purchasing power of comprehensive description

Estar Industrial Group Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jan 20, 2017

First, look at batteries. Most are soft and 18650 lithium battery.

Soft package lithium-ion battery, also known as polymer batteries, battery as a paste that can be manufactured into a variety of shapes, so called soft pack in the industry. Its capacity by a mathematical formula, soft appearance more beautiful onthe market full of personality. Higher safety factor, but rising, relative risk of burning.

18650, liquid lithium-ion batteries, batteries of the size specified in 18 and 65, 0 indicates it is a cylinder-shaped. Large capacity, up to 3000mAh but may explode, the safety coefficient is low. If attached to the outer protection plate, you will greatlyreduce the chance of an explosion.

Secondly, the protection plate. Protection Board in order to automatically adjust with the power over charge or discharge, power automatically turns off after full charging function. Protection Board can increase conversion rates, and reduce the impact of resistance on the charge.

Third, look. Believe that appearance is a lot of friends to buy mobile power whenone of the leading factors. Fashion appearance can increase a lot of fun. Equal volumes of content the higher the small shapes to highlight the portability of mobilepower, and increased usability.

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