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Buy Mobile Phone Charger Must Pay Attention To These 3 Points!

Estar Industrial Group Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jul 19, 2017

  Buy mobile phone charger must pay attention to these 3 points!

  Mobile phone charging high voltage, if other operations such as call, play games, mobile phone load higher temperature will be more and more high, if the mobile phone user is using a poor quality charger, there is a transformer coil material poor, jerry-building, material insulation, and other problems, coupled with the external use of humid environment, electronic components themselves aging and other unfavorable factors, mobile phone charging is likely to appear security risks

  So the tragedy is often not because of the side of the charge while playing mobile phones, but most likely the use of poor quality charger.

  Today, I would like to tell you what to pay attention to mobile phone charger, to help everyone in the purchase of a reference.

  To have 3C certification

  China to affect consumer safety products implementation of CCC certification system, after the CCC certified power adapter in the electrical safety and electromagnetic compatibility performance to meet the national mandatory standards. At present, the market is full of many without CCC security certification of the general power adapter, or false CCC logo to deceive consumers, CCC logo can be true or false to the national website of the JISC.

  Is there a "back" type flag

  In addition to the CCC logo, but also pay attention to the charger there is a sign like "back", it refers to the charger is a double layer insulation protection, that is, the charger has two types of insulation, the first type of insulation is not effective when the second will be effective.

  The shell should be flame-retardant

  Poor-quality Shanzhai goods will be repeated accidents, is because the cottage charger Low-cost, good quality charger shell using raw plastic, high hardness, and poor quality charger using half the price of recycled plastic. Not hard, flame-retardant plastic, when charged easily baked soft or even fire fire.

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