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Car Charger Will You Really Use It?

Estar Industrial Group Co.,Ltd | Updated: Sep 08, 2017

Car charger is a car charger for the convenience of car power supply for anytime, anywhere for the digital products, conventional for automotive batteries (car 12V, truck 24V) powered car charger. (Constant pressure CV, constant current CC, overvoltage protection OVP) to consider the actual needs of the lithium battery charging (constant pressure CV, constant current CC, overvoltage protection OVP), the use of a variety of portable, handheld equipment, lithium battery charging areas, such as: mobile phones, , But also take into account the harsh environment of the car battery (transient peak voltage, system switching noise interference, EMI, etc.); Therefore, car charger program selected power management IC must meet: high pressure, high efficiency, high reliability, Is conducive to the design of EMI) switching power supply chip.

Car charger is to facilitate the owner of the car power supply anytime, anywhere for the digital product charging accessories. Some high-end car charger generally includes two USB ports, which can charge two digital products at the same time. Such products are generally overload protection, short circuit protection, high voltage input protection, high temperature protection, four safety protection, to ensure safe use. Car charger in the car at the same time, but also home, to achieve car charger, direct charge, USB charge three-in-one multi-purpose use.

Now more and more mobile phone functions, the screen is growing, driving can also act as a sound, navigation, etc., but the electricity costs are faster, so the car charger came into being, things are small, but in the choice Can not sloppy! The market appeared on the various types of car charger quality varies greatly, and even occurred in the car charger to use improper risk to destroy the car accident.

Car charger in the use of the Notes

1. Please be careful not to insert the car before the start of the car, so as to avoid the car when the voltage damage car charger.

2. Do not use strong chemicals, cleaning agents, strong detergent cleaning charger, because it will seriously damage the car charger function.

3. Do not throw the car charger at random, floor, beat or shake the charger, this will seriously damage the car charger inside the circuit board.

4. After the vehicle is turned off, the car charger should be unplugged, although 80% of the vehicles are the vehicle to remove the key after the cigarette lighter to stop power supply, but there are some car cigarette lighter is continuous power supply.


1. Computer automatically protects the chip, no matter where can be used with confidence, for your equipment to provide the perfect protection when charging.

2. Car charger plug structure, built-in fuse, over-voltage current is too large, the fuse automatically fuse to protect the machine safety.

3. Car charger head and USB interface, support a variety of USB interface power output.

4. Charge the IPhone / ipad via the power output connector.

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