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Charger The Use Of Convenience And Sought After By The Market

Estar Industrial Group Co.,Ltd | Updated: Oct 16, 2017

Currently on the market of solar cells into amorphous silicon and crystalline silicon. Crystal silicon which can be divided into polysilicon and monocrystalline silicon. From the photoelectric conversion efficiency of the three materials, monocrystalline silicon (up to 17%)> polysilicon (12 ~ 15%)> amorphous silicon (about 5%). However, crystalline silicon (monocrystalline silicon and polycrystalline silicon) in the weak light is basically no current generation, amorphous silicon weak light type (in low light energy is rarely). So it seems appropriate, it is appropriate to use monocrystalline silicon or polysilicon for solar cell materials.

Solar charger because of the concept of novelty, the use of convenience and sought after by the market. At present, because the solar charger is neither a national standard nor a lack of industry standards, resulting in the price difference between the market, the quality varies greatly. I have found that the market even as low as more than 40 pieces of solar charger in the sale, and also known as "candlelight, light, light will be able to charge." So what kind of solar charger in the end be considered a good solar charger? Solar charger to be what kind of standard to be considered easy to use it?

1. The choice of solar charger to focus on the power is the solar panel power, in general, the solar panel power is proportional to the area of solar chips (solar cell chip area is not exactly the same as the solar packaging panel area, because Some solar panels are large, but the solar wafer arrangement gap is very wide, so that the solar panel power is not necessarily high, such as our VSC-03 Although the solar panel is not large, but the wafer arrangement closely, in a relatively small area also achieved The power of 0.75w).

In general, the solar panel power is the bigger the better, so that the current generated in the sun is large, can quickly fill its built-in battery. But in reality, the need for solar panels in the power and solar charger to find a balance in the portability. In general, we believe that the minimum power of the solar charger can not be less than 0.75w, (this power of solar panels in the standard light intensity of 140mA current generated in the general sunlight generated current at 100mA or so) Power charging current is too small, basically no obvious effect.

2. If the solar panel is the front part of the charger, responsible for collecting solar energy and solar energy into electricity, then the control circuit is the center of the product. It is mainly responsible for two aspects of the function: First, the front of the current generated as much as possible to save the built-in battery and put an end to the waste or to a minimum; the second is when the charger to the phone and other equipment charging, as much as possible the built-in battery In the power output to the mobile phone and other equipment, and as little as possible to the power loss on the line. Unfortunately, due to cognitive or technical problems, the current domestic manufacturers of solar charger control circuit design optimization did not cause enough attention, resulting in the production of solar charger practical poor: the front of the current can not be completely stored To the battery; built-in battery to the phone and other equipment charging, a large part of the current waste on the line, failed to input to the charging device.

So consumers in the choice of solar charger, you need to pay more attention to these two indicators: the second conversion rate (front-end power stored to the battery efficiency) and discharge efficiency (built-in battery input to the need for charging equipment effectiveness). The two efficiencies are the higher the better. In general, the secondary storage efficiency is now very good can reach 95%, discharge efficiency can reach more than 83%. Produced by the solar charger is designed according to this standard.

Another important criterion for measuring the quality of the control circuit is whether the control circuit has done all kinds of protection. In general, a good solar charger, the control circuit should have: over-current protection (when the current is too high can automatically limit the flow, will not damage the charging device), overshoot protection (when the battery reaches the set (Usually used to protect the battery, to avoid the depth of discharge and damage to the battery), the temperature protection (when the control circuit temperature (when the control circuit temperature), the temperature of the battery, Beyond the set temperature, the charger will automatically stop working to protect the battery). If the control circuit on these protection did not do or most did not do it, then it will pass the quality of solar charger risk to the need to charge the phone and other digital devices, is likely to bring loss to consumers. As we Wisheng himself research and development of solar charger, the first thought is how to ensure security. In this respect we have a lot of effort. So consumers in the purchase of solar charger do not blindly look at the price. Although the circuit protection design is not perfect charger will not necessarily damage your charging equipment, but spend money to buy a peace or is necessary.

3. Because the use of solar charger environment with ordinary electronic products are different, so the solar charger on the built-in battery requirements are also the highest. But this is precisely the consumer is easy to overlook the place, but also some lack of social responsibility of the manufacturers easy to do the hands and feet of the place. In the market, a piece of the same capacity of the battery price may be several times different, so some cottage manufacturers aimed at this piece of profiteering, a lot of very cheap chargers are used in the secondary battery refurbished battery, Is the battery with the B goods, C products of the battery. Such as the battery life is not good, there may be to consumers to bring the risk of personal safety.

Solar battery charger built-in battery should be lithium polymer battery is better, relative to our usual lithium battery (liquid lithium ion), polymer lithium battery into the colloid, the degree of activity is much smaller than the liquid lithium-ion battery, so not Will produce an explosion. And for the use of solar charger environment, the polymer battery is best after high temperature treatment, enhance the battery temperature limit.

Finally, it is important to note that the shell surface treatment and its various accessories. Common solar charger on the market to the main plastic shell, the main surface treatment are bright oil, rubber paint, UV. Bright oil prices are cheaper, while the surface prone to scratches. Rubber paint feel very comfortable, but with the increase in the use of time will drop paint. UV is generally only used in high-end brand mobile phones, expensive. Using UV treatment, the product surface smooth fine, while hardness is good, do not paint, will not leave scratch.

If the solar charger has a DC adapter, pay more attention to the quality of the DC adapter is necessary. After all, this relates to product and personal safety.

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