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Do You Use Power Bank For A Long Time To Hurt Your Phone?

Estar Industrial Group Co.,Ltd | Updated: Oct 19, 2017

More and more ordinary consumers understand and use Power Bank, but because the Power Bank is a very new type of electronic products, its working principle, compatibility, and so the average consumer are very little understanding. A few years ago, we buy digital products are equipped with a few spare batteries. As the backup battery charge is too much trouble, charging time is too long, and only one by one charge. For some high-end players, this efficiency is estimated to be equipped with a few chargers. Power Bank set foot on the era of the train came into being. Is an epoch-making product. As long as the Power Bank in hand, and then crazy players can be lasting to force.

But the problem came out, the market's Power Bank on our digital hardware or battery damage? First of all, you can certainly say that the use of high-end Power Bank to meet your digital hardware is no damage. We talk about the specifications of the Power Bank from four aspects. In the case of

First, the Power Bank discharge process must have a constant current. And the current can not be too large nor too small. General digital current between 600 mA and 1000 mAh. Tablet PC needs about 2000 mAh. This data is also the standard parameter for most Power Bank on the market. In the case of

Second, the Power Bank supply must comply with the electronic product three C standard

Third, the Power Bank supply output voltage must be stable. The output voltage to ensure a stable area between 4.2V ~ 5V. Because the vast majority of digital products on the market charging voltage is 4.2V, too high is likely to damage the electrical appliances. In the case of

Fourth, the Power Bank of their own protection circuit must pass. Many garbage products on the market to protect the circuit completely. Over discharge, overcurrent and short circuit must be done triple protection. In the case of

In general, the Power Bank supply output voltage and current stability, protection system in place, is not your digital products and batteries damage.

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