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How Does The Charger Overheat When The Handset Recharges?

Estar Industrial Group Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jul 19, 2017

  How does the charger overheat when the handset recharges?

  In the mobile phone charging, even if the use of the original charger, occasionally there will be a serious fever situation, so how to avoid this situation as far as possible? In fact, it is very simple, the charger heat in fact and the output of the current intensity and ambient temperature, then we can start from these points to find ways to solve the problem.

  1, first we can put in the cool environment to recharge. Like an air-conditioned room.

  2. Try to avoid playing mobile phone when charging. Charging to play mobile phone will cause the charger to work more than normal conditions for a period of time, a long time will reduce the service life of the charger, but also cause the phone itself fever.

  3, to avoid excessive charge. Mobile phone full, even if the trickle charge, will cause the charger overload operation, become overheated, so when the phone is full to form a timely unplug the habit of the charger, especially do not health before the charge, the next morning to unplug the habit.

  4, the charger must be placed away from the heat source place. In particular to avoid heating edge, lest the environment too high cause the charger overheating.

  Memorize these four points, develop good charging habits

  Danger will naturally stay away from us.

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