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How Is The Charger Charging The Phone, You Understand?

Estar Industrial Group Co.,Ltd | Updated: Sep 26, 2017

  How is the charger charging the phone, you understand?

  Nowadays there are two kinds of mobile phone charger is a traditional mobile phone charger is a trendy mobile phone wireless charger.

  For mobile phone charger charging, many people are not accustomed to doing, then done right? Wireless charger or mobile phone charger are good, they are paid attention to the charge. Here are a few tips on mobile phone charging:

  1. Do not over discharge. To be prompted by the device "" power shortage "" should be charged; to the device are automatically shut down before charging, the battery has been excessive discharge. This will affect battery life. So when the phone prompts the battery is low when you can charge.

  2. Do not overcharge. When the charger is full of instructions, you should unplug the charger. Now the charger is generally full of self-stop design, a short time not from the charger to remove the battery down anyway, but long battery left on the charger, to the late night power grid voltage, which has stopped charging the charger , The voltage increases, they will continue to charge, causing the battery overcharge. This will affect battery life.

  3. If the battery is not used for a long time, to charge to 60%, stored separately in a cool dry place, and every 4,5 months to recharge.

  4. Do not use the phone when charging, standby charging.

  Whether it is a traditional mobile phone charger or the current trend of the wireless charger, a reasonable use of the charger to the mobile phone charging is to ensure that the use of mobile phone security and charger standards.

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