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In The Use Of Car Charger When There Is Any Misunderstanding And Taboo It

Estar Industrial Group Co.,Ltd | Updated: Oct 10, 2017

In the use of car charger when there is any misunderstanding and taboo it

Now the car has been equipped with a USB function, really become a lot easier. Even if not, a lot of owners will use the cigarette lighter interface to pick up the car charger to charge, but if the use of improper means even the battery, cell phone battery impact, the truth is this In the use of car USB and car charger when there are any errors and taboos?

Not all USB ports are suitable for charging

In fact, most of the USB interface within the car are limited to the interface flow, which also led to the interface current is divided into 5V / 0.5A and 5V / 1A, this time if the wrong interface, not only easily lead to easy hair hot, Charging time longer, and ultimately will seriously affect the life of mobile phone batteries.

Not what car charger can be used directly

Car charger is not really fresh technology, but there will still be filled with a lot of small doorway. First of all, it is mainly powered by the cigarette lighter interface, the voltage must also be converted from 12v to 5v, but the current cottage car over the market, so not only easily lead to short circuit phenomenon, in serious cases even lead to mobile phones or cars Spontaneous combustion, therefore, have to buy car charger must be careful again and again.

After the flame to pull car charger!

Some car owners may not remember to pull the car charger, although the car charger has no current output at the moment, the loss of electricity is not enough to worry about, but a long time down the words or the car will cause a loss of the battery Of the impact, so we have the best after the completion of the charge can be developed in time to unplug the car charger habit.

Car charger does not have to be turned off after power failure to pull

In fact, the car charger burned before the phenomenon has occurred, but this kind of thing is indeed a very small probability of events, so the quality of the car charger and anti-impact ability made a great request. In fact, each car for this request is not the same, not all of the car charger need to plug in the power after the plug, we can according to the requirements of the vehicle to determine the time to plug.

USB charging to the phone navigation, the more charge less!

We have already said that most of the car USB are limited to the interface power, but the actual car with the vast majority of owners still have a side to the side of the phone charging the habit of opening navigation, but why do you feel the amount of electricity with less? Most of the car USB interface is designed to transfer data, although the connection is also shown after charging, but the current is only about 0.5A. When you are listening to music or navigating with a cell phone, the amount of electricity consumed per unit of time will actually be greater than the amount of charge that is charged. So there will be no rise or fall of the situation.

So that in the future car in the process, we'd better not see the mouth to plug in, after understanding the use of USB and then appropriate use, to know sometimes unreasonable use of the method not only will not charge our mobile phones and other electronic products Help, but also play a counterproductive effect, cell phone battery life shortening is small, if the cause of the car and even the car's spontaneous combustion that really worth the candle!

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