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Low-quality Car Charger 5 Cases Of Vehicle Spontaneous Combustion Caused By Crime

Estar Industrial Group Co.,Ltd | Updated: Aug 15, 2017

  Low-quality Car Charger 5 cases of vehicle spontaneous combustion caused by crime

  Car chargers caused by the vehicle spontaneous combustion and other safety accidents have occurred frequently. Old drivers, are your car chargers safe? Inferior car Charger 5 sins:

  1. Virtual label "Carrying capacity"

  Crime: The more load-carrying capacity, the faster the charging speed, you can simultaneously charge multiple devices. Some manufacturers in order to attract consumers, will be on the car charger falsely labeled "carrying capacity."

  Hazards: Load-carrying capacity of the car at the same time for a number of devices charging, will cause the charger load too large, mobile phones may appear explosion risk.

  2. Lack of protection devices

  Crime: Industry standards require that the car charger must be installed with effective protection device to ensure that the car Charger line fault, fast cut off the power supply line, but some cars and no fuse design.

  Hazard: In a moving car, the car may be damaged more than the car charger itself, there may be damage to the car power supply system, causing the car suddenly out of control.

  3. Low-priced "car charging" quality is worse than 20 yuan below the rate of 100%

  4. Flame retardant performance is not standard

  Crime: Car Charger in the event of failure, the most likely to occur in the case of spontaneous combustion, therefore, industry standards on the car charger's fire retardant performance is clearly defined. But a considerable number of car charger flame retardant performance is not standard, in the face of fire, immediately after ignition.

  Hazard: May cause the vehicle to charge inside the component to fail, cannot limit the flame inside the shell, causes the fire and so on the danger spreads to the compartment interior, the ignition automobile.

  5. "Over-voltage Strength" unqualified

  Crime: When the car starts, the power system in the car will produce a large voltage, which will have a certain impact on the car charger. Harm: If the product "over-voltage intensity" does not meet the standard, it may be in the car ignition of a short circuit, resulting in open fire or spontaneous combustion problems.

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