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Mobile Phone Charger Does Not Charge Into The Power How To Do

Estar Industrial Group Co.,Ltd | Updated: Sep 26, 2017

  Mobile phone charger does not charge into the power how to do

  Mobile phone does not enter the power how to do? It seems that the phone does not enter the power of many reasons, divided into two categories: systems and hardware. The system is the reason for mobile phone ROM, and hardware is the phone charger, battery and other issues.

  Step 1, the phone does not charge into the power, of course, to find which piece out of the problem, and only to find a problem to the right medicine. First, the phone connected with the charger, plug in the card to see if it can charge. If you can not charge, then the current possible problem is:

  (1) The charger is broken

  (2) The cable is broken

  (3) mobile phone interface is broken

  (4) The battery is broken

  (5) system problems

  (6) Then go down

  Step 2, for a connection line or change the charging plug, and then charge to see if it can rush into the electricity, if the red into the electricity, it is proved that this problem, for the root line, or change the charge plug on it. Pay attention to the charge plug for the time and pay attention to the original mobile phone charging plug current and voltage parameters, to prevent harm to the phone. If not red, that the possible question is:

  (1) mobile phone interface problems

  (2) battery problems

  (3) system problems

  Step 3, the battery removed (can not be demolished on the strong grab the demolition), the use of universal charge red, if the red is the phone charging interface, if not, then continue to troubleshoot, there may be problems:

  (1) battery

  (2) system

  Step 4, change the battery to try to be able to red into, if the battery will be able to charge, it is likely that the battery scrapped. Change the battery can be. If still not enough, then this can only be a system problem. Note that the battery is the best original or buy good quality business battery.

  Step 5, many people do not understand how the system will affect the charge into the power to Andrews system as an example, Andrews system log there is a document is the record of battery information, if the battery information is wrong, it will lead to mobile phone charging The

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