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Mobile Phone Charger Does Not Enter The Power How To Solve

Estar Industrial Group Co.,Ltd | Updated: Aug 02, 2017

  Mobile phone charger does not enter the power how to solve

  Method 1, the charger or data line is broken: the replacement of a charger or data cable on it.

  Note: Please try to choose the original replacement, so the phone will not cause harm. If you think the original does not work, you can buy a good quality of the charger, but pay attention to the parameters of the charger must be the same as your original. If the current is too large may cause damage to the mobile phone motherboard.

  Method 2, the mobile phone interface problem: This is caused by poor phone charging interface, such as loose. Please go to a professional mobile phone shop repair, do not disassemble their own.

  Method 3, the battery problem: If you determine the battery problem, then change the battery it, the battery I do not recommend random buy, it is best original or high-quality battery.

  Method four, the system rom problem: the problem for the system rom, please ensure that there is a certain brush machine experience or mobile phone system knowledge. You can choose to re-brush machine to try or use the following method to clear the system battery information.

  Method 5, to ensure that the phone to obtain the root privileges: the phone into the recovery mode, select wipe, and then select wipe battery status (empty battery information), and then reboot (restart) can be. If recovery only wipe data or factory reset, please back up all the data in wipe!

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