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Mobile Phone Charger How To Distinguish Between Good And Bad?

Estar Industrial Group Co.,Ltd | Updated: Sep 26, 2017

  Mobile phone charger how to distinguish between good and bad?

  Charger manufacturers that the moment in addition to the traditional mobile phone charger, but also the trend of the wireless charger, choose a good charger is to ensure that it is safe to use the problem, mobile phone charger is very common in life, but with the use of The popularity of mobile phone charger brand more and more, the quality is uneven. So the quality of mobile phone charger is good or bad is the need to distinguish that.

  1. It is recommended to see if the mobile phone charger has a certification mark

  Wireless charger brand manufacturers understand that China's impact on consumer safety of electronic products to implement CCC certification system. Although the mobile phone charger is a small object, but the quality is good or bad about life and property security, especially the side of the use of the time limit. Buy mobile phone charger and other electronic power products, we must look for there is no WCCC logo certification.

  2. Recommended to see the mobile phone charger brand or whether the original

  Electronic big charger quality or more information on the manufacturers suggested that the best is to look for the original mobile phone original mobile phone charger. If the original original with bad, but also look for well-known reputable charger production brand business.

  3. Recommended to see how the appearance of mobile phone charger material

  Cottage phone charger low cost, quality can not be guaranteed. To the appearance of materials, for example, the appearance of genuine charger plastic is the use of primary plastic, high hardness, and the use of recycled leather goods, the price of the material is only about half of the former, the resistance is far less than the former. In addition, there are still very serious cottage goods cut corners of the problem. So the wireless charger brand manufacturers recommend that users do not covet the temporary choice of cottage products.

  The quality of mobile phone charger is related to everyone's use of security, but whether to buy a Kaopu or not so reliable charging head, safe use or pay attention to, should be abandoned some security risks of mobile phone use habits. Manufacturers recommend the use of the charger can not be sloppy, or light will cause damage to electronic equipment, while the risk of explosion may occur.

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