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Mobile Power Supply Capacity And The Actual Relationship Between Charge Cycles

Estar Industrial Group Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jan 20, 2017

Mobile power for charging the mobile phone is not just a simple volume divided by volume, but a lot of people are misguided, since all the mobile power needs togo through the above process, the larger the higher the conversion rate of the mobile power must be better and more practical.

I. The real power

Standard commercially available mobile power batteries voltage is maintained at a3.7V, so 10000 mAh power 3.7Vx10000mAh=37Wh real power, and phone charging voltage of 5 v, according to the law of conservation of energy, mobile power boost as the 5V output current conditions, the mobile power supply capacitance is 37000Wh รท 5V=7400mAh.

II. Conversion rate

7400 MA do not phone them the ultimate energy here, in the process of moving the power to charge a cell phone, boost circuit board part and running security chipwill loss power, mobile power conversion rate is about 85%, calculated in accordance with 85%, the actual maximum output power for mobile power supply 7400mAhx85%=6290mAh.

III. Environmental impact and cable loss

Then phone can get electricity not from the above 6290mAh, because the effect ofair humidity and temperature environments, mobile power for charging the mobile phone will also be part of the process of loss, and the line itself is in the process of energy transfer of data will be lost because of the resistance part of power, so to arrive at the phone's power will be lower than the 6290mAh.

IV. Mobile phone itself buck

Cell phone battery power and mobile power is maintained at 3.7V, mobile power transmission capacity of even a buck will own a mobile phone, a process that undoubtedly will lose some power, which is why most mobile phones in charge will cause of fever.

V. Cell phones running

In addition to buck, but cell phone during charging status can affect the actual number of charging of mobile power. If the charging process, cell phones to play games, watch video, listen to music, read novels and other high power consumption,it will further affect the actual number of mobile power for charging the mobile phone; if a mobile phone is in regular standby mode, also has some influence on actual charge cycles.

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