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Mobile Power Supply Electrical Parameters

Estar Industrial Group Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jan 20, 2017

1. The charging voltage and current: General requirements for the charging voltage of 5 v, universal cell phone adapter. Current theory is that bigger is better and faster charging. Actual heating problems to be noticed.

2. Battery capacity: battery capacity is proportional to the volume, larger capacity.Try to use the same volume capacity products. 

3. Output voltage, output current: output voltage to 5V. Current theory is the bigger the better, faster charging. Characteristics of the actual heating problems to be noticed, and digital products.

4. The protection parameters. Should have over voltage, over current, under voltage protection. These parameters determine the speed of mobile power charging, charging time and safety, we daily use has a lot to do.

5. Select the battery: the battery is the most important part of mobile power, stands for mobile power batteries quality product quality, so that is the first choice. Market Shang can filling lithium ion electric core has this several, polymer electric core, aluminum shell electric core, steel shell electric core, cylindrical type metal shell electric core (most common of is 18650 cylindrical electric core), aluminum shell electric core main for phone battery, steel shell electric core too low-level basic without has, as mobile power of main is polymer electric core and cylindrical type electric core, relative for, cylindrical type electric core price cost to low some, but performance Shang polymer electric core will better, capacity and discharge platform and cycle times are is better than cylindrical type, Polymer battery safety is the most important is better than cylindrical batteries, polymer batteries are aluminum-plasticcasing, no matter what the circumstances would explode, and cylinder charging and discharging batteries is a metal shell once exception may explode, resulting in bodily injury. This, like cell phone battery explosion, is impossible to eradicate, onlyreduce the probability of this occurring. Therefore, mobile power polymer batteries is a good choice, no need to bring a mobile power supply you want to take the risk of an explosion.

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