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Power Bank Easy To Carry

Estar Industrial Group Co.,Ltd | Updated: Aug 17, 2017

In the phone is not very good to solve the problem before the battery life, charging treasure for many people are essential. However, because the price of charging treasure is not very high, so many people in the use of the process without special attention, in fact, most people usually use a lot of habit of charging treasure are not correct.

Choose the charge from these four considerations: appearance, portability, use of features and security. Safety first, the safety of charging treasure is also the most important.

So how to buy rechargeable treasure it?

1. Identify mobile power batteries

The batteries on the market generally divided into two kinds, lithium polymer batteries and 18650 lithium batteries. Lithium polymer batteries are flat, wrapped with similar aluminum foil material, can be recycled to use about 500 times; 18650 lithium battery shape similar to the No. 5 dry battery, can be used for recycling about 500 times.

Weigh the weight

For example: the same is 6000 mA mobile power products, the same material in the shell, the size of the case of almost the same size, the more mobile power battery capacity, the better the charging effect.

3. Conversion is important

The actual conversion rate is a very important indicator of mobile power, due to the work of mobile power itself, the internal circuit also need to consume power, the battery stored within the power is impossible to fully output for the phone charge. In general, the conversion rate of mobile power more than 80% -95%, the higher the conversion rate the better.

4. The protection circuit of mobile power is safe and reliable

Buy the mobile power after the most important thing is to check whether the quality problems, charging and discharging process whether the abnormal situation, whether the conversion rate standards.

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