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Power Bank So That The Daily Use Becomes More Convenient

Estar Industrial Group Co.,Ltd | Updated: Oct 16, 2017

Currently on the market charge Po dazzling, all kinds of styles are, the type of people feast for the eyes. And they have a common point, most of the charging treasure will be configured on the shell of a power button, but this button on some of the charge can be achieved on the power switch, power display and flashlight these three functions. But also some of the charge manufacturers in order to be able to make consumers the daily operation becomes more simple, but also the use of automatic detection circuit design, so that the daily use becomes more convenient.

Usually when we will charge the treasure and the phone is connected, this time the phone does not show the state is charging, then we need to press the button on the charge of the power button to open the charge switch, this according to different design, The length of time is also different. And the charge on the treasure button on the power button to achieve the second method is to display the power, according to the different product design, when we short press or press the power button, some of the charge will show the current charge of the total charge of the total charge , Which is used to remind us when we need to charge the charge itself to charge.

And the last one is to control the opening and closing of the LED flashlight. Of course, according to the design of different methods of operation are also different, are generally long press or fast even press, and then to open the LED lights, if you need to turn it off, it is long press or press twice the power button.

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