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Power Bank What Are The Selection Errors And The Selection Of Skills?

Estar Industrial Group Co.,Ltd | Updated: Sep 08, 2017

With the smart phones, tablet PCs and other electronic products gradually popular, charging treasure has become unprecedented hot, it should be said that the charge is extremely convenient to consumers, but because we know little about the charge treasure industry, when the purchase Often just look at the appearance and price of power, resulting in a lot of low-quality dangerous charge to join the market. So what is the charge of the treasure it? What are the selection of misplaced treasure and picking skills?

1. What is Charging Po:

In simple terms, the charging treasure is composed of charging circuit, battery pack, boost circuit, input circuit composed of a set, charging treasure real "battery" is basically not charge manufacturers production, the same mobile phone manufacturers generally Do not really produce batteries.


2. Charging Po is not the brand the bigger the better

In fact, there is a small trick inside: to help the big brands foundry factories have some of their own brands, due to the lack of big brands in the middle of profitability, good quality, the price is relatively moderate. Buy these OEMs own brand of high cost. Although the price of small brands is low, but the quality of sucks, ranging from mobile phone life, it might damage the phone. If you are relatively high performance requirements, the price is not too stingy, but do not want to be taken advantage of, it is recommended to choose those who help the international brands of OEM enterprises own brand.

3. buy tips to share:

1. How to choose the rechargeable treasure capacity

In fact, do not choose the largest, only choose the most appropriate. Mobile phone charging treasure are generally used on the road, like what to get off work on the way, on the way out, go out to play the middle of the way, then the phone no electricity, and you need to use mobile phones, such as calling, playing games, Take pictures and so on, just can not charge, then charge the treasure can come in handy. In the direct charge can be used where the charge does not have to use a treasure charge. So, unless you are often outside for a long time. Or more than 10,000 mA more than the charge of the treasure is completely unnecessary, 5000 mA or so is enough, both capacity and portable.

2. Buy rechargeable treasure, you need to understand the power conversion rate, simply is that the charge of the treasure capacity can not be 100% transferred to the phone, but the minimum can not be less than 70% of the conversion rate, otherwise the charge is low quality production.

3. To buy general-purpose products, because the general-type charging treasure generally have four conversion joints above, for any model charge. To charge the tablet or laptop, you need to select a current charge of 2A.

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