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The Difference Between Ordinary Power Bank And Intelligent Power Bank

Estar Industrial Group Co.,Ltd | Updated: Oct 26, 2017

Today, Power Bank custom manufacturers to share the next ordinary Power Bank and smart Power Bank difference, we hope to help!

First of all, from the appearance point of view, ordinary Power Bank and intelligent Power Bank is not see any difference;

General Power Bank and intelligent Power Bank is the biggest difference between the Power Bank inside the circuit board, the general Power Bank circuit boards are generally used in discrete components, can not be programmed to control, can only be rigid to achieve some basic Features. The smart Power Bank is the use of intelligent chip processor, can be programmed, that is, there is a microcomputer in the control of it, you can achieve any automatic detection function, can also be called the head of the Power Bank. It is like the phone now, before the ordinary phone, and now we are using the popular smart phone!

Intelligent Power Bank to identify the method: When the smart Power Bank to the phone charging, as long as the mobile phone and Power Bank to connect a Power Bank to automatically identify the phone and charge the phone, without any other operation; charging also has the corresponding instructions circuit; When fully charged, Smart Power will automatically turn off the output and go into hibernation to power your Power Bank and will not fill your phone.

Although the Power Bank brand is a lot, but really do a good Power Bank products and not too much. Now the Power Bank market, only high sales of Power Bank, there is no really particularly strong Power Bank brand, and strong Power Bank technology is still feeling the beginning of the river through the river stage, what is high quality, what is allowed Capacity and actual capacity and other standards.

The government is not yet involved. Although the Power Bank market in the market to sell fire, but also slowly became a big industry, said the influence, but still far from compelling the government to come up with industry standards, because there is no major events in Power Bank.

In the current Power Bank charger is only small accessories, not enough to let the giants to divide the cake. A thing to form an industry standard must be an independent, independent attachment that does not depend on a product.

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