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The Reason Why The Charger Plug Is Hot

Estar Industrial Group Co.,Ltd | Updated: Aug 02, 2017

  The reason why the charger plug is hot

  When the phone is charging, the charger is hot, AC and DC in the conversion of the loss, the general use of high efficiency switching charger, but limited by the volume, so basically no PFC circuit, so the power factor is only less than 0.7 , The rest of the energy is basically converted into heat.

  Charger in the charging time is a bit hot is normal, as long as there is no smell do not care about it, but the best place in the ventilation, because the heat will accelerate the aging of electronic components.

  But sometimes the charger overheating, then it is not normal. So what is "overheating"?

  Of course, is in the hands of feeling hot!

  The following describes the charger overheating solution:

  1, put in a cool environment to charge

  If the phone charger overheating, the summer is best placed in a cool environment, such as air-conditioned room. This phone charger will not overheat.

  2, the use of original charger

  When charging the phone, you should use the original charger, which can ensure that the output current is stable, as well as the role of protection of the battery. The original charger will also heat up, but will not overheat, there are protective devices. If your charger overheats, that is fake or shoddy, or not original.

  3, do not play mobile phone phone

  Mobile phone also play the phone, will lead to mobile phone charger overheating, because more than normal work for some time, so the charger will not, will reduce the life of the charger.

  4, do not overcharge

  General mobile phone charger original charger about 3 hours can be fully charged, filled with no longer continue to charge, otherwise it will lead to overload operation of the charger, change overheating. To promptly unplug the charger.

  5, be careful around the heat source

  When charging the phone, the charger should be placed away from the heat source, such as gas stove, steamer, etc., so as not to ambient temperature is too high, resulting in overheating charger.

  6, to reduce the number of charges

  If the charge several times a day, will lead to overheating charger, so you should control the number of times the charge, usually one or two days to charge once, can help extend the life of the charger.

  7, when charging, mobile phone as far as possible off

  This can both extend the life of the charger, you can also protect the phone.

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