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The Steps Of Charging Use Of Car Charger And Several Points Needing Attention

Estar Industrial Group Co.,Ltd | Updated: Aug 15, 2017

  The steps of charging use of car charger and several points needing attention

  1, in the car cigarette burner, insert USB Car charger, through the standard USB interface output DC voltage.

  2, voltage, current and other electronic design parameters in line with the PDA handset standard, will not cause damage to your beloved machine.

  3, connect USB data cable can be $literal, mobile phones, small speakers, Bluetooth, PSP and other electronic products power, charge.

  On the car charger, there are also the following considerations:

  1, do not use the car charger in the humid environment

  2, do not store the car charger in the humid environment

  3, the appropriate temperature used is 0-45 ℃

  4. Stay away from children

  5. Avoid Lightning strike

  6, fill out the electricity to unplug the plug in time

  Select the quality of the car charger have what precautions

  1, understand the main parameters

  In principle, as long as the nominal voltage current on the car charger is consistent with the equipment to be charged, but the power of the charger is also a very important technical parameters, if a small power charger to high-power equipment to charge will cause a small power of the charger due to overheating and burned, the best choice of the same power car charger.

  2, security is very important

  The purchase of car chargers should include over pressure, over-current, overheating and short-circuit protection, more effective protection of your electronic equipment shell also use flame-retardant environmental protection materials, both beautiful and safe.

  3. Choose the right choice

  The car inverter can turn the 12V power supply into 220V alternating current, but the cost is high, and the use of high-power equipment will have an impact on the car, and the car charger or converter is the 12V DC power conversion into 5-20v DC, power consumption, high safety factor, price is also much cheaper, so if the use of electrical appliances in the car is not very special words with car chargers or converters can meet the needs of most owners.

  4, please choose the normal licensed

  Must buy regular manufacturers through safety certification products, do not buy and use three no products, otherwise out of the quality problem complaints no door, late. Again have to buy when please recognize that the Chinese printing packaging licensed, because the English packaging is mainly sold to foreign markets, in the domestic is not warranty.

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