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Use Car Charger Tips

Estar Industrial Group Co.,Ltd | Updated: Oct 10, 2017

Use car charger tips

Car charger input current up to 2.1A, you can charge for mobile phones, digital cameras, mobile phones and other small voltage appliances with a safe charge, when the car can be used to charge the electrical, so the effect who can refuse?

Car charger for the use of DC in the exchange of AC converter, will give you a lot of convenience to life, is a standing vehicle automotive electronic equipment supplies. Through the car power converter Cigarette lighter output can be 75W, 100W, 150W, 300W until 3000W power specifications. 300W or more power car power converter through the cable to the battery. The use of household appliances connected to the car power converter output can be used in the car a variety of electrical appliances as easy to use at home.

Car charger (also known as power inverter, car power converter) is a DC12V or DC24V or DC36V or DC48V DC power conversion and the main AC220V or AC110V AC, for general electrical use, is a convenient Of the car power converter. Car charger in the foreign market has been generally welcomed. In foreign countries due to the higher penetration rate of the car, go out to work or travel can be connected with the car power converter battery drive a variety of tools and work.

Use the precautions, the correct order is as follows:

1, start the car engine

2, plug in the car AC power supply (switch off the case)

3, open the car AC power switch

4, plug in the electrical equipment

5, after use, turn off the car AC power switch

6, turn off the car engine

7, Note: Car charger products should try to avoid the use of failed car charger, poor quality products are likely to cause the total car burned, resulting in serious damage to the car.

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