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What Are The Hazards Of Not Unplugging The Charger?

Estar Industrial Group Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jul 07, 2017

  What are the hazards of not unplugging the charger?

  Harm One


  When the charger is still connected to the wiring board when it is not charging, although the charger is not connected to the cell phone or electrical appliance at this time, the internal circuit board of the charger is electrified, that is, it is still working.

  A certain amount of power will be consumed at work. Because even if the charger is not connected to the phone, its control circuit is also working, there will still be current through, although the number is very small.

  It is reported that the biggest power consumption of mobile phone chargers is 308 MW. According to calculations, the power consumption of 100 MW is negligible for individuals, but the conclusion is alarming if families with mobile phones do not pay attention to them.

  According to a 2012 survey, the total number of mobile subscribers in the three major carriers has nearly 1 billion, suppose 1/8 of them do not unplug the charger, that every day there are 125 million chargers inserted in the strips, in the one days of the vast majority of time wasted electricity, according to each charger 100 watts of electricity consumption to calculate, the total power of about 12,500 kilowatts, equivalent to more than 6,000 domestic air-conditioning operation at the same time.

  Endangerment Two

  Fire hazard

  Not only that, because now a variety of small electrical charger prevalence, a variety of mobile phones, digital cameras, laptops, cameras and other chargers a wide number of quality also uneven.

  When the appliance is pulled from the charger, the charger is in a state of interruption, but some of the charger after the appliance has been pulled down, the LED will still be lit, which in a certain range caused the current loop, so not only the state will cause unnecessary power consumption, but also there is a great safety hazard.

  Therefore, be sure to plug the charger in the ventilation and easy to heat the place to recharge, but also to master the use of good charger time, do not "continuous combat", but also can not always plug the charger in the socket. When people leave the room for a long time, unplug the charger so as not to cause a fire.

  Harm Three

  Radiation damage

  So, the charger loss state radiation will have harm to the human body?

  Mobile phone charging sockets in the frequency of electricity, its surrounding 30 cm within the magnetic induction will reach 1400 millisieverts, the body's immune function cells may be reduced in number, which will cause some damage to the health of the human body.

  Therefore, the human body should be far away from the cell phone charging socket 30 centimeters, especially to avoid the mobile phone charger when working in the bedside.

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